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How to apply for a membership

To apply for a membership please download the two documents below (word document) by clicking on the grey document icon. If you are on a mobile device, the 'word' app is free to use.

Complete and email to with an attached
form of your disability evidence (Diagnosis, investigation or PIP letter)

What happens after: Head trainer Laura will reply to your email either requesting more information or requesting avaliablity to book in for your first session. 

All memberships and trainers 

Locations: Carmarthen, Manchester, South Downs and Dundee.

Please feel free to email us if:
You are unsure on which membership you would like to apply to

If your dog has any behavioural issues as listed in the consultation below that you need to discuss
If you have any specific questions that are not on the website
If you are struggling to download the forms below

Assistance dog consultation form

Assistance dog membership policy

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