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Our creators for logo'ed vests, lead wraps, patches and much more. High quality custom embroidered dog gear. 


Platform for advertisement within the heatons, stockport. We're very grateful to have been granted an account as a non-profit

Heaton essentials



Doggy Armour is a family run company that create vests that are similar to that of stab-proof jackets to reduce the potential impact of the teeth of another dog. They offer full body and neck protection, are fully waterproof and also breathable and can act as a cool coat in the summertime. They come in a range of colours and have road reflectors for those night time walks and can also have custom patches fitted.

Most importantly at Doggy Armour, we use the profits we make to help protect those service and assistance dogs around the world by donating free armour to them.

Comment from Laura at Wild Spirit -

During the event of a dog attack recovery time often impacts potential for training afterwards to prevent the victim developing fear aggression. Most dogs recover physically from an attack but not easily in tin terms of behaviour hence why these coats are so vital - thank you doggy armour!


Summer has been wearing her doggy armour daily for 6 months and has prevented harm 4 times in that short period... also keeps her so clean!


PitPat Activity monitor

PitPat recognises walking or running – and distinguishes between them – by sensing the natural “gait” motion of your dog. If your dog constantly swaps from walking to running, stopping, starting and changing direction, PitPat recognises that as playing. If your dog is moving about, but only gently, that’s pottering. Everything else is resting!

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