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assistance dog Membership OPTIONS 

thank you to all that applied to our waiting list, applications are now closed until 2025. the information below concludes the new membership that will come into effect end of jan 2024.

Please email to apply

Please view our sister CIC for placement dogs and board and trains

Our membership support bundle:

Support and advice on tackling simple to complex access issues


Active Facebook group for all members with discussions and informative posts


Members area contains:

Online video library with over 100 short, concise and accessible videos. These are filmed with real dogs in training of different ages, sizes and breeds, making real mistakes in real out-of-the-house environments (where appropriate) - Requests for videos can be produced within 2 weeks

An over 100 page Ebook on general training advice

Checklists to aid in organising socialisation and development of training through our programs

Specific guidance on accessing education - risk assessment and general training booklets

Training log examples and files


Access to a video and blog post of our prospective assistance dog puppy in training (Ember) on Instagram (As of Dec 23 - 5 Months old)

Bi-Weekly live zoom calls with head trainer to discuss chosen topics, games nights and Q&A sessions

Support with finding an in person trainer upon signing up to membership and cost free liaising if required with in person trainer

- All members must have allocated external in person trainers that we support you in finding/recommend for the use of

classes, more complex teenage stage issues and behavioural modification if ever this was required

Online support upload up to 20 minutes of video footage a week that is reviewed with in depth feedback with a platform

providing message support with your assigned trainer. Online support with creating training plans and trackers.

Ability to design your own logo'ed vest and have this approved after your successful public access test assessment

Option to book in one video call session per month and in-person sessions with trainer to provide specific advice

Supportive letters for access to specific environments, applications etc (admin and postage cost £10)

Support with access issues (General public places, work places, education and more)

350 Page physical A5 training log book available to purchase for £16 (Inc P&P) with all programs, checklists and spaces to log and plan progress and specific planning techniques for variable conditions (traffic light planner)

We do also offer prospect consultations - A one hour zoom, £25, for advice and guidance on the correct breed of dog for your prospective assistance dog.

We abide by positive reinforcement methodology and cannot currently aid individuals moving away from aversive methods.


£29.99 per month

Please view the bullet point list on this page for all membership information.

public access

£30 per hour (Average length of PA test, 2 hours)

For use of those on the online membership.

Includes up to 40 minutes of free trainer travel time

To view our public access test, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Locations near: Manchester, Carmarthenshire Wales, South Downs and Stonehaven Scotland.

in person

£45 per hour 

Includes up to 40 minutes of free trainer travel time

To view our public access test, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Locations near: Manchester, Carmarthenshire Wales, South Downs and Stonehaven Scotland.



For our fully trained dogs


£7 a month

Includes a £60 off your annual PAT resit

Continued access to our safe space community, Facebook groups etc

Emergency text support for sudden behavioural issues or access issues


Ability to book in for top up in person or video callsessions.

video call

£24 per hour video call

For use of those on the online membership to discuss specific issues and receive advice to tackle this. May also be used to plan assistance dog training, ask for specific advice e.g. beginning to work a dog in an unusual environment or check in whilst reaching milestones. 

Laura, Tracey & Summer-4.jpg

Laura Wild

Hi there! I’m Laura Wild,  owner and head trainer at Wild Spirit Dog Training CIC. I hold a LV4 Advanced diploma in dog training and BSc in Animal Behaviour with a significant background working in veterinary hospitals. Currently completing my LV5 with IMDTB. We employ 3 individuals for our Assistance dog memberships.


My journey with working with animals began in my early teens working with horses. I was diagnosed with autism early 2019 and became ill in this period and required an assistance dog to provide

practical tasks. Summer aided me in completing my education and opening up our business Wild Spirit Dog Training CIC in 2019.


My focus with training is creating the most satisfying bond with your dog possible. Teach your dog how to understand cues and the door to communication opens! My approach is one of kindness, consistency, backed by science and positive reinforcement.


This is Summer, my beautiful assistance dog who is a four year old golden retriever. As my heart dog, she is quite literally at the heart of everything I do. Summer is trained to an extremely high level of obedience and task work. She is not quick on her feet but an outstanding teacher to other dogs. Summer has regularly worked a part time job as a ‘stooge’ dog helping our clients overcome reactivity or confidence boost young puppies. 

Location: Manchester and Carmarthenshire

Screenshot 2022-10-27 at 10.33_edited.jpg

Noah Hemingway

Hi there! I’m Noah Hemingway, I am a dog trainer, breed specialist, dog handler & dog groomer. My dog journey started at a young age when I got my first dog Alfie the English Springer Spaniel. I spent many of my childhood years trick training him, practicing agility in the garden and walking for hours. 


I spent months volunteering at a dog rescue for dogs rescues from other countries. Whilst there I taught over 60 dogs basic-advanced obedience, introduced them to dog sports such as Canicross and helped match them to ideal forever homes. Following this, I qualified as a dog groomer and did this full time for a year running Hemingway Hounds to gain more hands on experience. I expanded my dog handling experience, became a breed Specialist and In 2020. Since early 2021, I have worked full time as a Dog Trainer for Wild Spirit. 


This is Twiggy, an energetic and intelligent 1.5 year old miniature poodle. Twiggy is an incredible task trained companion dog and sports prospect learning to excel in flyball. Twiggy is confident around bigger dogs and commonly works as a ‘stooge’ dog teaching other dogs how to politely interact or recall away from small fluffy dogs. 


Location: Manchester and Carmarthenshire


Hannah Rose

Hi there I’m Hannah Rose. I’m a dog trainer and am currently completing my LV 3 diploma in dog training, behaviour and welfare. I’ve grown up with dogs my whole life with mainly with rescues of all different breeds but mainly sight hounds. I did some volunteer work with a ex-racing greyhound rescue in my early teens. When I first became ill at 15 I started looking into assistance dogs and finally got blue in 2020. He is the reason I found my passion for dog training. My assistance dog Blue is an 18 month working line Labrador.  He is a very funny, loving dog who loves task work and going for adventures such as hikes and a swim in the Scottish Lochs.

Location: Mid Scotland


Ella Walker

Hi there! I'm Ella Walker; an assistance dog trainer and owner of 4 dogs. I first fell into the world of dog training when training my own assistance dog, Goose in my early teen years, and have now been involved in the assistance dog community for over 6 years. Since then have spent time volunteering in veterinary practises, and gaining experience working with a variety of different breeds (with a particular interest in golden retrievers). I hold a LV 3 Diploma in Assistance Dog Training, a LV 3 Diploma in Canine Behaviour and Training and am currently completing my LV 3 Diploma in Canine Care, Behaviour and Welfare. I am also currently training my successor dog Ralph, an 18 month old golden retriever to be my multipurpose assistance dog; he loves his work and as a retriever particularly enjoys taskwork that involves retrievals, or picking items up off the floor for me!

Location: South Downs England

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-10 at 20.10.35.jpeg

resources and
information area


External portal of information created by one of our members.

" Cate was created to act as a resource for people to find out more about assistance dogs and to help disabled people find an Assistance dog provider, organisation or someone who can help with assistance dog training."

CATE: Canine access to education

Please do not pay for either membership until you have completed a consultation form, policy and have been accepted onto one of the memberships. Your trainer will make you aware of the date you sign up for payments.

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